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      Yixing Jincheng Chemical Co.,Ltd.


      Yixing Jincheng Chemical Co.,Ltd.




      ABOUT US

      The company was founded in the year of 2000, our main products include: calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, sodium metabisulfite, sodium bisulfite, anhydrous sodium fulfite and other inorganic products, which are used in sewage treatment, textile printing and dyeing auxiliary, dye, pharmaceutical intermediate and other industries. On the basis of the original products, the company has developed several organic silicon chemical products, including: sily-ether, silane and other series of products as well as tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide and other catalysts for organic silicon industry. Based on the advanced management system, excellent inspection equipment and perfect quality service system, our products are sold well throughout China.
      The company is situated in the scenic Taihu Lake and it enjoys convenient water and land transportation. We sincerely welcome vast clients to visit us for guidance.
      Relying on the principle of reciprocity, mutual benefit, communication and common development, we would like to cooperate with you for creating bright future.

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